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As part of myHarapan
(or the Youth Trust Foundation),
SEV manages Malaysia’s first social impact
fund, the Social Catalyst Fund (SCF). Our focus
is on youth-led social enterprises and
businesses that exist to solve identifiable
social problems for the benefit of
local communities.


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Our goal is to connect impact
funders with innovative youth social
entrepreneurs in a manner that is scalable,
perpetual and with greatest impact on the
Malaysian society. SEV’s funding activities are
supplemented by industry-sourced
coaching sessions.




Impact investing is aimed at
solving the society’s most
pressing problems through
scalable business models.
Through it, investors and
corporate responsibility
managers can drive
self-sustainable impact with
the potential of earning
market rate returns on their



Social entrepreneurship
ensures long-term
sustainable results with
scalable impact targets.
Become part of the change
movement by applying your
expertise to accelerate
growth in this budding field.



SEV offers promising social
enterprises and businesses
funding in exchange for
equity. Investments range
between MYR50,000 and
MYR250,000 for early stage
companies, with additional
optional funding
for exceptional companies
within SEV’s portfolio.

Social happenings to inspire

3 asian young men discussing something at a table with a laptop


Since 2015, Foodabox has been working to spread an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene and plastic packaging, making it more affordable and accessible for food operators via food box advertising. The startup has gained traction since.

   Sep 26, 2017 Read more

Five men in blue T-shirts standing with hands crossed against a pickup truck

1L Car Wash

As a social enterprise, 1L Car Wash also aims to reduce rising youth unemployment. We offer fair paying employment and train youth from underprivileged backgrounds to be auto-detailers, empowering them with essential life as well as entrepreneurial skills.

   Sep 26, 2017 Read more

muslim women posing for a selfie


Blubear is a successful social business that designs and produces reusable menstrual cloth pads. Its mission is to improve the wellbeing of women in communities across Malaysia by building awareness campaigns and addressing social, health, economic, educational and cultural issues.

   Nov 02, 2016 Read more

a school girl using a tablet with headphones on

Technology to enable quality education in poor communities

Zaya Learning Labs is a social enterprise that has developed tools schools can use through a tablet or other WiFi enabled devices. They provide interactive class material and videos which focus on Maths, Science and English and target students up to the fifth grade.

   Sep 26, 2017 Read more


Fighting poverty. Through outsourcing.

Giving jobs to people living in slums was the challenge Leila Janah set out to solve when she created Samasource in 2008. She established a principle of “Impact Outsourcing”, a way of giving basic training and work to people living in slums and thus integrating them into the mainstream economy.

   Mar 28, 2017 Read more

prysmex (1)

Using technological connectivity for safety

Prysmex is a startup that was founded by three Mexican students trying to create a more efficient way for managers to monitor the safety of their employees working on the ground. They have designed intelligent industrial wearables that are able to detect many environmental variables and are connected to a web platform for information monitoring.

   Mar 28, 2017 Read more

specially-abled restaurant

Yum! Brands: How to enable persons with disabilities

Yum! Brands, Inc. advocates diversity and inclusion and is thus engaged in creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Specifically, over the past several years, the group has opened a number of specially-abled restaurants within its KFC chain. These restaurants are operated almost exclusively by the hearing impaired or blind staff.

   Apr 03, 2017 Read more

linkedin logo

LinkedIn: How to keep employees happy, the social way

“inDays” have been LinkedIn’s way of giving back to its people since 2010. Every month, the company proposes a theme with suggested activities, which the employees can either decide to participate in or alternatively take on personal projects.

   Mar 28, 2017 Read more


Whole Foods Market: How to encourage local

Whole Foods Market is a chain of stores selling natural and organic food in North America and the UK since 1980. The company emphasises its dedication to selling high quality products but also shares other values such as local community empowerment, respect for the environment and promoting healthy eating habits through education.

   Mar 02, 2017 Read more