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Start by sending us your pitch deck:

Email your pitch deck to

If you need inspiration on what a good pitch deck looks like,
check out this and this.

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You will be invited to present live if shortlisted:

You will have 5 minutes to pitch at SEV’s office, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.
To give you a heads up, there are three main topic areas that we will likely bring up during the Q&A session:


Business model sustainability

It is imperative that your
business can generate an
income on its own without
being reliant on donors.


Customer validation methodology

Based on past traction, what
sort of customers have you
worked with/how did you
charge them/what was your
feedback collection


Social impact methodology

SEV only finances enterprises
and business with a social
impact. How do you calculate
your social impact/what is
your social impact data
collection methodology?

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Send us your business plan once you proceed to next stage:

If your pitch is successful, we will ask you to share a bit more detail on your social project
through a business plan.