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Oil to Eco-Soap is a social project in Malaysia which aims to teach communities how to reuse used cooking oil by turning it into decorative soaps and candles.

A survey conducated in Taboh Naning revealed that most restaurants and individual households dispose off their cooking oil by pouring it down the drain. This is environmentally hazardous and also results in clogged pipelines. Most people were aware of the problems but were not aware of alternative safe ways of disposal.

Oil to Eco-Soap follows the Enactus Micet method by recycling waste cooking oil into assets of value. During the initial stage, research is conducted aimed at identifying potential products for making. Thereafter, knowledge sharing sessions are held with the villagers. Finally, produced products are marketed for sale with proceeds passed on to project participants.

Thanks to myHarapan’s Youth Action Grant, this project has come to reality and enabled a positive contribution to local communities in need.

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